Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ISO Standards

ISO 9241, Parts 10...17 - the software parts
  • Part 10: Dialogue principles
    Suitability for the task, controllability, …
  • Part 11: Guidance on usability
    Definition, Context of Use, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Satisfaction
  • Part 12: Presentation of information
    Organization of information, Graphical Objects, Coding Techniques
  • Part 13: User guidance
    Common Guidance recommendations, Prompts, Status Information, Error Management, Help
  • Part 14: Menu dialogues
    Menu structure, menu navigation, Option selection and execution
  • Part 15: Command dialogues
    Command structure and syntax, command representation, Command Input and Output
  • Part 16: Direct manipulation dialogues
    Manipulation of objects
  • Part 17: Form filling dialogues
    Form filling structure, input considerations, Form feedback, form navigation